Wednesday, December 19, 2012

NEVER Layover in El Salvador

This is mostly a note-to-self...

After much excitement the last few days in our community, Stacie and I travelled up to Quito for our long awaited flight home.

As always in la vida real de un voluntario, you can be bored out of your mind one week and then busier than ever the next.  Last week the fates must have caught wind of our proximal departure and sent us all the work we would need to fill a month.

After weeks of delay, trees we requested of the university were ready. Christian, Wiston, and I picked up al 500 or so of them from  a nursery near the university. The pickup truck we borrowed from the U was one of these extended cab/truncated bed models.We had to put three pallets in the back seat so Christian had to sit on the center console all the way to El Empalme.  By the time we arrived in the city, we were running on fumes and the first gas station we stoppex at was oug of gas!  Luckily the next gas station was still selling, although later in the week i noticed they ran out too.  we had to unload the trees quickly because the truck hax to be returned, but we were able to thank them over a few beers beford they left.

Saturday we threw a movie and pizza party at the school for all the kids in the group for their good attendance and presentations. i hooked up my portable projector to the chapel's big speakers and a borrowed DVD player to excellent effect.  All the kids seemed to enjoy the party as did some other community members who just happened to be around.

Sunday was the final Community Bank meeting of ghe year.  Distributng everyones savings went without a hitch. Each member had contributed to their accounts 50dollars over the course of the year and through loans and monthly bingo games, each member made 50% interest on their savings or $25 extra dollars.

Monday we invited all the parents of the young farmers association to our house for a meeting.  We did our best to explain the trees we had received and how to plang them.  We also made plans as a group to fifind a equitable way to bring the project to a close before we leave in April.

After the meeting we hurried to pack our bags and prepare for our early morning departure Tuesday mornig.  At 6 am we caught  the first bus out of our community with quite a bit of luggage. Another bus to Quevedo and then a third brought us to 1Quito without a hitch.  We opted for a taxi rather than wsour bags on to the notoriously crowded metrbus.

ooooooote w   an expensive disappointment, but it was to take a hot shower.

3am came a  lllly as it usually does and we rode to the airport.  I mmmmmmmmmmmmatically from exhaustion to elation once i had my tickeg in hand aad been checked.

despite a total lack of prior research, or perhaps because of it, we planed to spen out 7hr layover exploring S  Salvador.  Ouf intentionss were dashed by a helpful tourism agent who effecivly dissuaded us from leaving the airport by explaining the $10 visa and $50 taxi ride we would need to get us anywhere worth seeing.
ssssss, anttttters i el Salvador will need to be les than an hour or i might geeeeeeer.

Merry Christmas!

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